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by Roland L. Rust

The Living That Appreciate:

I lost my little Patricia on the 21 of December.  During her stay at Kinsington of four and a half days; the final days of Pat's life could not have been in better hands.

Every comfort was afforded to make her final days comfortable.

There are not words sufficient to thank you all.  The care of the dying, the care of the recuperating elderly, you get an outstanding.

Roland L. Rust




Heirloom Living Centers' team is comprised of people from many different backgrounds who have accepted the special calling of memory care. From caregivers and nurses, to housekeepers and clerical staff, everyone at Heirloom Living Centers is part of an extended, caring family.

It takes a special person to provide the kind of care to your loved one that you would give.  We work hard to find and retain those special people. 



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